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New Books 2023

I’m very happy to have three new books coming out in 2023. There will be two additions to the Jasmine Green series: A Rabbit Called Clover in March and A Hedgehog Called Snuffle in September. It was lovely to find out more about rabbits and hedgehogs when planning the stories, and the illustrations by Ellie Snowdon are gorgeous! I can’t wait for you to see them.


I’m really excited for the publication in July of my new wartime adventure story, for readers aged 9+. Friends and Traitors is set in the summer of 1940, as Britain prepares for a German invasion. Sidney’s boarding school is evacuated to Stanbrook House in Oxfordshire, where she meets Nancy, the earl’s housemaid. The girls take an instant dislike to each other. But when Nancy overhears a secret conversation, and Sidney sees something smuggled into the stables at midnight, they must work together to find out what is really going on at Stanbrook. What they discover could change the course of history. But how will they convince anyone to take them seriously?


Friends and Traitors is the first book I’ve written in which the viewpoint alternates between two different characters. It was a really interesting challenge to get Nancy’s and Sidney’s voices right, and I read many letters and diaries written by different people at that time to help me. I put in the book lots of the things that I love most in stories: secret passages, boarding school, adventure, mystery, friends and enemies, bravery and peril. I loved writing it, and I hope you enjoy it too.

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‘One of our finest modern children’s storytellers’


‘Helen Peters has the kind of entrancing storytelling skills that immediately put her into the league of classic children’s authors such as Noel Streatfeild and Nina Bawden.’

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